Human Capital Solutions are specialists in recruitment. Many employers face challenges recruiting timely and efficiently. On average it takes three months to fill a vacant position. HCS has a large database from which employers can tap a few for assessment. Our recommendations are enriched by our experience recruiting in the Malawi labour market. HCS is your point of entry into the Malawi labour market.

Whether you are looking for domestic employees, casual labourers, seasonal employees, data collectors or experienced professionals, HCS will provide you with the best on the market. We jealously guard against our reputation for providing domestic employees to expatriates and diplomats. Your deployment to Malawi should not be a headache when getting the employees you can trust. Trust in those we have invested our trust in

We affirm that the employees we recommend are vetted and cleared so you don’t have to do the donkey work. For domestic employees we have on record credible character references and police checks. Prospective employers have the opportunity to review these so they make informed choices.

Recruiting for low level positions in Malawi is a daunting task where hundreds if not thousands apply for a single opening. Why drag your recruitment process perusing the applications and CVs for days? Give us a call and in no time we shall process the applications. We have excellent systems that process applications efficiently and effectively within your deadlines. We develop and administer aptitude and psychometric tests so you get the best from the labour market.



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